BR Shetty

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"To target international youth to impart best guidance to be able to develop into leader of tomorrow in socio-economic field for the development of society."
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    From modest beginnings to meeting with the biggest names in the world

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    Over the years, Dr. Kumar Annavarapu has contributed immensely to the field of Public Relations

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    Get a glimpse into the life of the man who changed the face of Higher Education in Telugu States.

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  • Tony Blair - Prime Minister London

    Mr. Blair has asked that your letter be passed to the Department for Education and Skills which has particular responsibility for the matter you raise so that they are also aware of your views.

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  • Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka

    As in the past, I am determined to face any challenge and overcome them in discharging my responsibilities towards my country and my people...

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